Organic Network is launching WirelessOffice for Linksys
making secure Wi-Fi affordable for companies of all sizes.

Many enterprises are reluctant to take advantage of the
productive gains implementing wireless LANs, because
today’s solutions are either unmanageable, not secure
enough or too expensive.

With WirelessOffice Wi-Fi does not any longer have to
be a choice between low security or cumbersome
management. Companies now can manage hundreds
of users accessing multiple Access Points in multiple
locations from one single interface with no need to
install any software on-site.

Get started with secure and manageable Wi-Fi today!

WirelessOffice is built upon the Organic Patagonia
platform that links low cost Access Points with a
central server.

The technology allows Organic to deliver
plug-and-play solutions to network administrators as well
as ordinary users at unprecedented low cost.

Organic Patagonia is the foundation for future services from
Organic Network and incorporates advanced features like AAA security and remote monitoring.

Organic Network are seeking partners for WirelessOffice.

Are you implementing wireless solutions, distributing network
products or a service provider, please fill in your contact
details here and we will contact you to discuss how you could
benefit from working with Organic Network.